Our team of highly qualified personnel has an extensive history with supporting the U.S. and other International Governments. We understand the planning required up-front and the foresight it takes to overcome the many obstacles and challenges that can potentially set back a project or delivery of materials. Choosing CLS WORLD assures that your needs, whether it be an extensive project or delivery of Bills-of-Materials, will be accomplished. Our goal is to provide quality products, on time delivery, and utmost customer satisfaction. As a firm who has been a supplier for operational logistics support and security services to the U.S. and other International Governments, we have the relevant past performance and capability to support our customers and provide confidence that your requirements will be met.

CLS WORLD Jordan provides the following services:


We are able to recruit and train in Jordan’s KASOTC for use as security personnel pursuant to contracts with U.S and friendly foreign governments.

Onsite & tailor-made training

We are able to establish security related training programs which involve recruiting special military and law enforcement mentors.

Point-to-point movement and logistical services

  • Meet & Assist
  • Ticketing services
  • RSOI- Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration services
  • Commercial Aviation Ticketing and Ground Movement
  • Charter airline transportation
  • Car rentals – SUV sedan, Jet-bus and armored vehicles

Our strategic location serves as a perfect launch point to other areas in the Middle East. Our clients and their personnel are supported in all aspects of their travel from the Jordanian border to all areas within the Middle East and Africa.

Medical services

  • fast response emergency evacuations
  • All types of drug and steroid testing
  • Hospitalization
  • Medevac air transport
  • Vetting


  • Hotel and condos

K9 handling

  • K9 medical support
  • K9 housing
  • K9 transportation all over the world

Business Management

  • Planning and executing convoy operations
  • Insurance